Beautiful Bohemian Wedding Inspirations

These pretty bohemian wedding ideas could easily inspire your free spirited event. Layered with lace, prints, and textures, no other style quite compares.

BOHO Hippie wedding long lace dress
Bohemian Wedding Dress by

This incredible bohemian inspired cotton lace bell sleeve maxi dress is available at Dreamers and Lovers on Etsy. The epitome of bohemian chic with its effortless simplicity, romantic appeal and timeless silhouette.

Kate Bohemian Flower Crown
Kate Bohemian Flower Crown at.

This is a classic bohemian hair wreath made of dried baby’s breath and green caspia over flexible bark-covered wire. To learn more about this beautiful hair wreath visit The Sun Flower Stand on Etsy.


Bohemian Barefoot Sandals
Bohemian Barefoot Sandals at


These crochet openwork sandals make your look very feminine and sexy. Ideal variant for beach, pool, yoga or home. They are great for beach parties and weddings. Visit ElvishThings on Etsy.

VG Invites Wedding Invitation
Beautiful Roses wedding invitations by

Designed by VG Invites, these beautiful bohemian wedding invitations are perfect for the DIY bride. Simply customize, print, and cut. To learn more visit VG Invites on Etsy.

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