Autumn Weddings

From your bride’s maid dresses to your wedding invitations, get inspired by these ideas from fellow Etsy shop owners. 

Bride's Maid Dress
Bride’s Maid Dress

This boutique’s fall 2014 collection is available for sale by Sofia Fiodor. The dress is lined with italian fabric and features a soft floral design. It is perfect for bride’s maids or evening wear. To learn more, visit Sofia Fiodor’s shop at

Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings

This stunning citrine engagement ring and matching unisex wedding bands are made with recycled pure silver. Why not mark the most memorable moments in your life with this lovely handmade set. To learn more visit MeropisArtJewelry on Etsy at

Fall Wedding Invitation
Fall Wedding Invitation

These rustic fall wedding invitation designs are perfect for the DIY wedding planner. Choose your perfect paper, edit them in Adobe Acrobat Reader, print and cut. To learn more visit VG Invites on Etsy at

Wedding Photo Album
Wedding Photo Album

I love this rustic wedding photo album. The album is covered in birch bark then engraved with your custom wording. To learn more visit Three Trees Bindery on Etsy at 

This blog post was brought to you by VG Invites and Graphic Design By Victoria


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